The Anson Public Library has been serving the Anson community and Jones County since 1962. For 54 years, individuals have been coming together for a common goal - to build a partnership between the library and the community, and to advocate for quality library service for all of the people of Anson and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of reading materials to individuals of all ages, free computers and internet access, community programs, as well as a safe environment to learn, grow and find quality entertainment.

Board Members

President - Rowland Foster
Secretary - Barbara Berry
Treasurer - Mary Spraberry
Librarian - Debbie Lytle

Joye Childers
Evelyn Edwards
Kristi Gardner
Joe Hailey
Kay Haynes
Minnie Rasor
Jimmie Richmond
Dorothy Watkins
Linda Finley
Our Mission

Here at the Anson Public Library, we strive to furnish materials, programs and services for the enrichment, entertainment or self-improvement of patrons of all ages and walks of life.

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